Total Commander – shortcuts

Total Commander is well known file manager.
Most useful shortcuts:
Tab – switch between panels
Ctrl+T – create new tab in panel
Ctrl+Tab – switch between tabs in panel
Insert – select/deselect file
Shift+* – invert selection
Ctrl + RightArrow – open current folder from left panel in right panel
F5 – copy
F6 – move
Shift+F6 – rename
F7 – create new folder
F3 – show selected file
F4 – edit selected file
Shift+F4 – create and open file (editor is configurable: Configuration -> Options -> Operation -> Edit/View -> Editor for F4)
Ctrl+D – favourites folders
Alt+F1/F2 – change drive in the left/right panel
Alt+F11/F12 – open left/right breadcrumb bar
Alt+F7 – find
Alt+F8 – go to command line
Ctrl + Num- – clear selection
Shift+Alt+Enter – copy path of selected file in command line.


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